Tuesday, May 24, 2011

cinnamon rolls

i can't believe how long it's been since i have updated this.  sorry!  things got really busy after my last entry and i just sort of forgot about this blog.  i have a rosygirl website operating now, and with everything else i had to do this just didn't make the cut.  that doesn't mean i haven't been baking my little heart out though.  i'll start regularly updating this again i hope.  today i have some cinnamon rolls i made for easter.  well, actually i made them because i had a craving for cinnamon rolls and easter just happened to be the next day so it worked out.  these cinnamon rolls are the best i have ever made, and i am very picky about my cinnamon rolls.  one of my friends even commented that these were better than the ones they carry at her fancy coffee shop she works at.  of course, it's a recipe from tartelette, where else?  everything this woman makes is delicious (and gluten free!).  she just actually published her first book, plate to pixel, and i highly recommend checking it out.  you can find the recipe for these cinnamon rolls here.  my pictures were taken before i put the frosting on.  once i put on the frosting, i was unable to resist their warm melty goodness and ate two of them in the next twenty minutes.  you won't be disappointed by these.