Tuesday, August 10, 2010

peanut buttercream for the win

i made this cake for dinner right after my friend jessi moved into town.  the picture was an afterthought because i forgot to take one at home so i was left to take a quick picture right before everyone was ready to eat.  this is the only recipe i've made from rose's heavenly cakes but this cake alone is enough to check the book out from the library.  it also made npr's best new cookbook list, which is how i found out about it originally.  the cake was super easy to make and was surprisingly not as heavy as i expected it to be.  really though, only one pan and no strange ingredients.  the recipe calls for the frosting to be made in a food processor but i just used a normal mixer to beat it all together.  i plan on making this again soon once i find the time!

Spice Cake with Peanut Buttercream Frosting recipe can be found here :)

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