Sunday, January 30, 2011

rosy girl at the galleria

hello everyone!  sorry for my long absence on here but i am finally just recovered from a month of sickness!  between the stomach flu, a cold, and a terrible sinus infection i was pretty much out of the running the entire month of january.  i am lucky that i had such good caretakers :)  but now for the good news.... cowboy george contacted me about being a part of the galleria tuesday lunchtime market from 11-2 every week, so now you can find rosy girl downtown!  i wasn't able to be there last week but george and tino were rosy girls in training and did an excellent job selling my cupcakes.  i sold out so they must have been doing something right :)  for this event i made a chocolate cupcake with raspberry preserves and a vanilla bean cream cheese buttercream and a chai cupcake with a blackberry surprise and chocolate cream cheese buttercream.  if you remember the raspberry post i had a few months ago, you'll know the preserves were made by michael and i.  it's been great having raspberry jam all through winter!  anyways, george sent me these wonderful pictures:

looks pretty awesome, doesn't it?!  next week i really want to make this bacon cupcake, but i need to find maple extract!!!!  does anyone know where to get it locally?  it seems silly to order it offline being that we have so much local maple syrup but i can't seem to find it anywhere.  keep your eyes out for me please!

in other exciting news, i am in the process of getting a website up so watch out for that!!  and rosy girl products will also soon be available at a new desserts restaurant in lakewood opening sometime in the spring.  so many great things have perked me up out of my sickness!  oh, and my last bit of good news was that i got tipped off that costco had cupcake couriers available so i went and got a bright blue one.  but i have to say, costco is crazy!  it was so distracting.  i haven't been in there in years but i borrowed my aunt's membership card and i felt like mitchell from modern family in season 1, episode 3.  i tried to find a clip to post here but there weren't any :(  so go look up the episode and watch it.  it's pretty hilarious.  i only recently started watching modern family during my sick time off and i am pretty obsessed now.  i highly suggest it!

it's not too late to get your orders in for valentine's day.  i'll have red velvet this week at the galleria to kick off february/valentine's day.  hope to see you there! 

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  1. maple extract at dave's in oc i'm pretty sure. this may be a double comment. if so, sorry.