Sunday, November 20, 2011


so i've been a lazy blogger, but i've had so much exciting stuff going on!  besides having two new babies come into my life (mary ryzner & avi gennert) i finally made it to the proper west coast :) i've been to arizona before but now i can add seattle and vancouver to my list.  michael and i traveled first to seattle for a wedding and then spent the following week in vancouver.  it was a much needed vacation and a really special time with michael :) i hope to make it back again one day!  so for my lack of blogging, please enjoy some of my vancouver food related pictures...

 the wedding cake!

other dessert goodies

this is the only food picture i managed to take at the wedding, but i wish i had more.  honestly, the BEST wedding food i have ever eaten.  i would happily order my entree at any restaurant.

awww, aren't we cute?  my dress matched the flowers almost too well...

breakfast at local 360 in seattle..... this was really good!

beautiful vancouver :)

i forgot to take a picture of the sushi before we started eating.  it was a long day and i was STARVING.  needless to say, this plate was cleared.

i ate a japadog !!!!  i hate hot dogs, but i felt like i needed to try a japadog.  if anthony bourdain says it's good, i'm in.

so begins my favorite meal in vancouver at chez meme.  obviously a good start to any meal is hot chocolate. i wish i could eat like this everyday!  just a really happy moment in time.

this was michael's meal.  i made him order the salad for his side because he was already getting a full portion of french onion soup as an app so i wanted some salad :)

the french onion soup !

this was my meal!!  the soup was tomato yam & cilantro, and it was AMAZING.  then i had a ham & brie sandwich.  i don't normally like ham but when i researched this place online everyone said this was the sandwich to get, and it was really tasty.

so we went to this cute little diner called templeton that served all organic food, but kept it real with the diner theme.  we were actually there for our last meal in vancouver and it just so happened to be the saturday before halloween, so we had some good people watching while we ate.

and michael would insist i include this picture in the list because he is still talking about these little guys... not my cup of tea, but maybe it's yours?

so i could have done a better job of taking pictures of more of our delicious food, but usually i was too busy enjoying the moment to get out my camera and i'm okay with that.  looking forward to my next adventure with michael :)  next summer we already have a trip to nyc & a trip to south carolina planned but who knows.  i'd love to go to spain !!

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful trip! What is a japadog?

    ps. I'm so glad you got your cookies :) I hope you all loved them as much as I loved making them. My husband fell in love with them, and I had to keep beating him away lol