Monday, October 4, 2010

last market of the season

this past saturday was the last market of the season.  i was really sad that this would be the last market, but i was excited about the awesome cupcakes i was making for it.  unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate with me and it was a pretty crummy day.  but i did have a lot of loyal supporters come and wish me luck and tell me how much they loved my baked goods, which is always great to hear.  i made vanilla cupcakes filled with mint cream and topped with raspberry mousse, sweet potato cupcakes with maple spice buttercream, dulce de leche chocolate cupcakes, and chocolate walnut and golden raisin cookies.  i sold mostly everything, but the leftovers i did have i brought to michael's oktoberfest birthday gathering sunday so it all worked out.  i apologize that i have no front picture of my booth but i was so cold and i was wrapped up so nicely in my blankets i really didn't want to move.  if you saw me saturday, i was very bundled.  i know it doesn't seem that cold when you walk to your car or ride your bike for 15 minutes somewhere but when you are sitting outside with the wind blowing on you for 4 hours, well it is really cold.  so instead of a nice front market picture, here are some other awesome photos of the market for you...

these were my lovely neighbors at the market these past few weeks.  they had the most beautiful sunflowers on saturday.  i had planned to buy some at the end but they had sold out!!  which is really great because we were all a little worried that with the weather they would end up having a bunch of sunflower leftovers.  it helped that people saw other people walking around holding them, and you just can't resist a pretty sunflower on a cold and rainy day.

my awesome sign, screamin it's american pride.

and there are all of my yummy treats!

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