Monday, October 4, 2010

michael's birthday cake

with michael's birthday fast approaching, i decided a couple weeks ago i needed to make him this special celebration cake i saw on smitten kitchen, called the pistachio petit-four cake.  i wish i had more step by step photos, but i was in such a rush to make this.  i baked the cakes saturday, using my new cake bake even strips (which are awesome btw) and did the flash freeze method.  on sunday morning, mind you the day of the party, i quickly made the marzipan and let it rest for an hour and then had a quick hour to assemble the cake.  for being done so rapidly, i am pretty pleased with the result.  next time, i'll remember to use a cake board and parchment paper to keep the bottom pretty.  michael was very pleased with his cake and everyone else seemed to love it too, so i guess the sloppy bottom didn't matter anyways!  i really loved the apricot preserves in the cake.  i wish i had made them myself, but hopefully next time.  i also have plans to make this cake into a cupcake in the not too distant future.  so stay tuned.  and if you feel like making this cake, just make sure to go check out smitten kitchen!  she has the best cake tips you could ask for.

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