Monday, September 13, 2010

my pumpkin carriage

for this past week's market i made some peach blueberry and thyme cupcakes, spiced chai latte cupcakes, mexican hot chocolate cupcakes and salted chocolate and vanilla bean cookies.  besides being busy friday baking, michael had won a happy hour party at reddstone so i had to get everything done by 5 in order to be able to go.  that being said, i forgot to take pictures of the spiced chai latte cupcake.  i was hoping to take pictures of them at the market on saturday but with the strong winds blowing ragweed all around and my lack of allergy medicine, i was pretty out of it and forgot again.  luckily after a nap i realized that my best friends ned and ali had bought a dozen cupcakes so they were able to take the pictures for me.  so now you know why the last batch of photos looks a bit different than the rest ;)  oops!  promise to be more on top of things next week.

speaking of next week, i am planning to make some delicious pumpkin cupcakes, chocolate balsamic raspberry cupcakes and black pearl cupcakes.  the cookie is yet to be determined.  did you know there is a pumpkin shortage this year?  it was an extremely frustrating day driving all over the west side of cleveland looking for some canned pumpkin.  i finally gave up on the search and was ready to change the menu for this weekend and forget the cupcake hero contest when my mom called and told me whole foods had some!!!!!!  woooooooo.  while driving to the east side is not favorable, i was just so happy to have found some canned pumpkin.  so come this saturday and enjoy the great pumpkin cupcake that almost didn't happen.

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