Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a rainy day at the market

last week at the market, mother nature decided to keep us honest here in northeast ohio with some serious rain.  it was a cold morning and i was not dressed for the weather.  luckily my mom was nice enough to bring me some blankets, so with my hood up and two blankets wrapped around me, i manned my tent at the market.  there were a couple points where the sun peaked out, only to retreat minutes later and downpour again.  i decided to pack up around 12 because i was just too cold and the wind was threatening to blow away my baked goodies.  i had made the blackberry cupcakes along with the earl grey cupcakes, and then tried out some chocolate tarragon cupcakes.  i also made some DELICIOUS, but rich, apricot, almond and chocolate chip cookies.  those definitely didn't disappoint.  overall, i managed to sell a good amount of cupcakes and then ventured over to The Eclectic Mixx, where my wonderful boss helped me sell the remaining lot of cupcakes.  there was only a couple left after that and i brought them to michael's bike polo tournament sunday, but it just wasn't meant to be because they were knocked over and ruined almost immediately after they got there.  i guess the cupcakes decided they had been through enough already.  so thank you to everyone who did come out saturday, i hope to see you next week with some chai latte cupcakes, peach blueberry and thyme cupcakes, mexican hot chocolate cupcakes and some salted chocolate vanilla bean cookies :)

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