Monday, September 20, 2010

farmers market 9/18

this week at market i couldn't have asked for nicer weather.  the sun was out and after a rough friday i was really hoping for a successful day.  i had a batch of cupcakes fail on me for some reason, although i suspect the butter wasn't quite room temperature and my raspberries were just not what i needed them to be.  baking just took a lot longer than it normally does.  lucky for me i have a great mom and boyfriend who were ready to help :)  i made pumpkin cupcakes with maple syrup cream cheese frosting, chocolate raspberry balsamic cupcakes, black pearl cupcakes, which are chocolate ginger and wasabi infused cupcakes, and chocolate espresso shortbread cookies.  it was my first time making the black pearl and i was nervous about how much wasabi to put in... i think i would add a tad more next time.  i ended up selling out of everything, which is always great.  i have to admit i did save one chocolate raspberry balsamic cupcake to bring to michael at melt after the market was over.  i thought it would be a nice treat for him on a busy melt saturday.

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