Saturday, December 18, 2010

dog birthday cupcakes

i've inserted this extra large picture because a dog cupcake is worthy of an extra large picture!  i made a batch of dog birthday cupcakes for stella's first birthday.  she LOVES peanut butter, so katie asked me if i could make a peanut butter dog cupcake for stella.  and what did the dog think of them?  well she LOVED them, ate it in one big bite!  i gave my dog zooey one of the extras and she was so cute about it.  she licked the frosting off and then wouldn't eat the cupcake until i cut it up for her.  sometimes she is such a lady, but other times she can be a little gassy and clear a room.  i guess that is what makes her so special.  anyways, happy birthday stella!  i am glad i was able to make your birthday treat come to life.

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