Wednesday, December 1, 2010

thanksgiving desserts

i hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving and your bellies are still full from all of the food you ate.  were you expecting me to make cupcakes for my thanksgiving dinner?  well i didn't, not a one!  i did however make pumpkin bread pudding, an almond poppyseed cake for my cousin's birthday and a coconut cake for ned and his family.  a spiced apple caramel sauce was used for the bread pudding, which of course i forgot to take a picture of and the poppyseed cake didn't get photographed at all.  it was made early thursday morning and i had SO MUCH to do that i just didn't have time.  all of the desserts were a success and michael and i just finished off the last of the leftover cake yesterday but today i am wishing i had just a slice more!  i don't think i could ever get sick of that almond poppyseed cake.  it's my all time favorite, probably because it doesn't have frosting.  confession time, i don't really like frosting!  i much prefer my cakes plain.  frosting often tastes too sweet to me, which is why i always cut the sugar in half for the frostings i make, often causing the consistency to be a tad off.  so if you were wondering why my buttercreams aren't as rich as others, it is because i just don't like that much sugar.  anyways, here are some pictures of the coconut cake & pumpkin bread pudding sans dessert.

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