Monday, November 22, 2010

cupcake toppers

so once i found out i would be making the cupcakes for cathy's baby shower i knew i had to make cupcake toppers!  i have been wanting to make them for a while now because buying them already made is not cheap.  melissa told me that cathy liked birds and owls and that one or the other would be incorporated into the shower... so i had ned make me two different designs.  the sex of the baby is also unknown so i had to try to stick with the more gender neutral colors like purple and green.  i'm not really sure why purple is gender neutral but i saw the two colors paired together a lot so for some reason it works.  i then went and got myself some paper punches, a 2" scallop and a 1.5" circle, some ribbon and some lollipop sticks.  michael was nice enough to lend me his glue gun and i used my own glue sticks.  then i went to work!!  the process was actually really easy and so much fun.  i am going to make extras and sell them on etsy because i hope someone else can use them for their own party!  also, from now on i will be offering cupcake toppers on my orders for an additional cost if you want them.  here is the finished product... i apologize for the poor quality photos but it was late and i was tired after a long day of baking for the sip into the holidays event.

the cupcakes i made for the shower were a lavender marbled cupcake with cream cheese frosting and a chocolate & pear cupcake with vanilla bean buttercream.  one of the party favors from the shower was some lavender from the host's garden so i will be making these cupcakes again for the last minute market at michael's studio.

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