Sunday, November 21, 2010

sip into the holidays

last night was the sip into the holidays mad men themed event at local girl gallery.  they were auctioning off wine/martini glasses that were decorated by local artists to benefit the Lakewood Commission on Aging.  it was a really awesome event with so much to look at and so many snacks!  one one of the snacks included my cupcakes.  i made minis because those are just much easier to eat at an event than a big cupcake.  no one wants to drop cupcake crumbs all over their fancy outfit!  i chose to make a white russian cupcake and a bourbon & pecan chocolate cupcake.  i really really don't like bourbon, so i found those cupcakes to be really, well, not great.  however, michael loves bourbon and he ate all 10 extra mini bourbon cupcakes so i guess they were pretty good.  i did love the white russian minis though!  the kahlua whipped cream was delicious!  i will definitely be making these again.

look how full my fridge was!  the minis took over!!!!!

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