Monday, November 8, 2010

screw factory open studio

i had the pleasure of setting up shop in michael's studio on saturday and selling some cupcakes.  he was having an open studio, along with the other artists in the screw factory + some extras and i set up my little table!   i meant to take a picture of my set up but the heat didn't come on until later in the day and i was freezing so i mostly huddled around michael trying to absorb his warmth.  when the heat finally did come on, i stood by there for a long time.  so i apologize that there are no pictures of my little booth.  anyways, i decided to make a salted caramel chocolate cupcake, a cabernet blackberry cupcake and a pumpkin cupcake with chocolate ganache.  they all turned out quite well although i think my blackberries might be at the end of their freezer life.  they aren't freezer burned or anything, they just aren't the lively bunch they were back in august.  i don't have very much left either.  i still think they taste better than the store bought ones though!  nothing like picking blackberries from your neighbor :)

if you haven't already please make sure to check out michael's website and/or facebook page.  here is the link to his website:  Forest City Portage which is really just another link to his blog, but i promise his website is coming soon!  actually, you can creep on it a little early if you want to forest city portage unfinished ... remember it isn't done yet though!  jon bobel really has done a great job on it so far.  i am now going to include a cutesy picture of michael with a bag he made because i don't like his about me picture on his website.  he will even admit he looks a bit creepy in it!

:) :) :)

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