Wednesday, November 3, 2010

carrot cake!!!

it was michael's dad bob's birthday today and his step-mom cheryl kindly requested that i would make a carrot cake and 12 carrot cupcakes for the gathering at their place this evening.  so i made a traditional simple carrot cake that just had walnuts in it and i flavored it with cinnamon.  the cake was very moist!  one of my favorites for sure.  the frosting came out perfect.  if you can't tell i am not about the fine lines of cakes.  i prefer a more natural look.

because i was making cupcakes too i wanted to try something a little different.  i know some people like their carrot cake with pineapple, or coconut, or raisins... well, there are so many different things people add to carrot cake these days.  i opted to take the original recipe and add some fresh ginger, some candied ginger and i used pecans instead of walnuts.  i also had some mascarpone so i topped half of the cupcakes with lemon mascarpone frosting and the other half with the more traditional cream cheese frosting.  both were really great!  as for the garnish, i dehydrated some carrots that were cooked in a simple syrup.  they kind of look like bacon... i am a mostly vegetarian so i found this a little strange but they still tasted awesome!

this saturday i will be selling cupcakes with michael in his shop for the open studio!  i am going to make a blackberry red wine cupcake and a pumpkin ginger with chocolate ganache cupcake!  not something to miss out on :)

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