Friday, November 12, 2010

thanksgiving yam cupcakes

thursday michael and i were lucky enough to be invited to alex and maggie's pregiving dinner party.  it really was an awesome evening, filled with lots of wine and good fun.  i managed to spill gravy all over my sweater within the first ten minutes of getting there, but after i let go of that i had a really great evening.  michael made some poblano scalloped potatoes which were AMAZING and i made these thanksgiving yam cupcakes, which of course had to have the 7 minute marshmallow frosting!  this frosting always makes my arms tired, but it's worth it.  i do find though that pumpkin, yams and sweet potatoes all kind of taste the same in cupcake form.  well not identical, but the spices are always pretty similar.  i was reading in one of my cookbooks that chef's often use sweet potato instead of pumpkin in their fall pumpkin dishes because sweet potato is actually easier to work with and no one can really tell the difference.  something to think about!

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