Saturday, November 13, 2010

estate sale finds!

on friday i had the pleasure of visiting ned at work.  ned works for his mom who does estate sales.  i have gotten the majority of my baking tools from them..  no really, my stand mixer is from a sale and a lot of my pans are from them too.  this weekend i was lucky that they had a sale happening in rocky river and that the homeowner was a baker.  she had a really nice almond stand mixer.  the almond color was so pretty i almost questioned my red mixer, but there is just something so special about a red kitchenaid.  yes, i love my mixer.  anyways, if you are ever bored on a friday or saturday you should check out patton & breznai and see what they have going on!  even if you don't need anything, it is pretty neat going through someone's house like that and seeing all of the things they have collected.  anyways, at this weekend's sale i got a popover pan!!  this is something i would never buy myself full price, but i am happy to have it and i am more excited to start making some popovers and/or tall cupcakes.  look forward to seeing something from this pan soon!!  michael also found me these two awesome cook books, baking with julia and chocolate.  sorry for the picture, i was doing some reading in bed and just took the picture there.  i have wanted to make bagels for a long time and now that i own baking with julia, i think i'll just have to move bagels to the top of the list.  did i mention that these books were only 2 dollars?  what a deal !!  thanks ned for being my friend and also for making my awesome logo!

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