Tuesday, December 14, 2010

holiday at the beach

this past weekend i did the holiday at the beach market in rocky river.  i will be there again possibly this weekend, but definitely the few days leading up until christmas.  this weekend i will be selling my cupcakes out of michael's studio at the lake erie screw factory for the last minute market.  please come visit us!  anyways this past weekend i had a great time at the market and met a lot of really fun people.  i made peppermint tea cupcakes, almond blackberry cupcakes, marbled lavender cupcakes, blueberry & raspberry ricotta almond cupcakes, eggnog latte cupcakes and chocolate orange cupcakes.  the eggnog latte cupcake frosting is honestly the best frosting i have made to date.  i was eating the leftovers by the spoonful!  here are some pictures of my cupcakes:

i had made a different peppermint cupcake the weekend before, but found the peppermint flavor to be a little too intense and toned it down for this past weekend's version.

i used the lavender leaves i got from cathy's baby shower to make these cupcakes!

almost the end of the summer frozen blackberries!  sad.

i do however still have a good amount of frozen raspberries leftover :)  look forward to some of them appearing in the next couple weeks!

the eggnog frosting i was raving about!  so delicious!!!

and the simple and beautiful chocolate orange cupcake!

so i hope to see you at the last minute market or at the holiday at the beach market!  mention you follow by blog and i'll happily give you a little something extra ;)  the flavors i am hoping for this weekend are chesnut cupcakes, hot chocolate & lemon curd something.  i am debating a few recipes with lemon curd filling involved and i just can't decide which one i want to make.  i might also delay the hot chocolate cupcake and swap it for a chocolate chai.  really, it all depends on what i can find at the store and what i feel like making!  i will also be making some puppycakes for stella.  i took care of stella during the day while katie (her mama) was workin the long hours at the clinic and that little sneak is going to be one soon!

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